IS-2 Walkaround

IS-2, 4th Heavy Tank Regiment, 1st Polish Army, Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) March 1945,

ADM via Polish Foreign Ministry license


Production of the IS (Joseph Stalin – IS) started in 1943 and tanks of this type served in the Soviet Army in fighting large tanks and moto­rized guns, assisted the medium tanks in the assaults and worked in conjunction with the infantry in destroying well-fortified oppo­nents. A total of more than 3,850 units were produced. The IS-2 tanks served in the 4th and 5th Heavy Tank Regiments assigned to the 1st and 2nd Armies of General Berling’s Forces and  fought with them during battles in the waning months of WWII. The 1st Polish Army in the USSR received 71 tanks of this type during the period October, 1944 through April, 1945. After the war the IS-2 tanks remained in service through the end of the 1950’s. The model on exhibit served during WWII in the 4th Heavy Tank Regiment of the 1st Polish Army.


Crew – 4

Combat Weight – 46 tons


Howitzer D-25 T caliber 122mm,

3 machine guns DT caliber 7.62mm,
1 heavy caliber machine gun model DSzK 12.7mm;

Armor :

Hull 120mm maximum thickness

Turret- 160mm maximum thickness

Engine Type -V-2-3-IS engine 520 Hp

Maximum Speed – 37km/h;

Maximum Range – 240km

Text source: Polish Army Museum, Warsaw


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See a step by step article on 1:35 Polish IS-2M building, painting  and weathering by Mike Rinaldi.

Walkaround photos:

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