IL-2M3 Shturmovik

One of the most famous attack planes of WWII, the IL-2M3 was designed and produced in the USSR form 1941. The last IL-2 was produced in the late 1940’s and by then some 36,000 aircraft of this type had been built The first versions were replaced In 1942 by the IL-2M3 which had a 2 man crew and larger engines and thicker armor. The IL-2M3 served in arming 4 Polish Air Force Regiments which attack units fought on the Eastern Front during the spring of 1945. A total of 158 IL-2M3 were in service in the Polish Air Force. Beginning with 1949 the IL-2M3 began to be withdrawn from the Polish Air Force and they were replaced with the newer IL-10 attack aircraft. The aircraft on exhibit was in service with the 3rd Attack Regiment of the Air Force.


Crew: 2;
Engine: AM-38F 1,750Hp;
Weight: Maximum Take off Weight- 5,873 kg;
Maximum speed: 410 km/h;
Maximum Range: 765km;
2 guns WYa caliber 23mm,
2 machine guns ShKAS caliber 76.2mm,
1 heavy caliber machine gun UBT caliber 12.7mm,
1 600kg. bomb or 4 unguided missiles RS-132;

Text: Polish Army Museum Warsaw, Photos: Wojciech Bulhak

Note – aircraft in post war Polish markings. During the war there were Soviet red stars on 8 positions and smal Polish insignia newr cockpit or cowling.

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