Polish flags over Berlin

Today is Polish National Flag Day. It was 2nd May 1945 when Soviet and Polish Troops  entered Tiergaten and Brandenburg Gate area in Berlin, battle was over.  Polish flags were hoisted on the Siegeshaule (Prussian victory column) and on the Brandenburg Gate. Read more in Polish Army in Berlin article.

Today and tommorow (2nd-3rd May, Polish Time)

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Polish flag in Berlin

Today in Poland is Holiday of National Flag. It was in morning of 2nd May 1945, when Polish soldiers have fixed white-red Polish flags in Siegeshaule victory colum in Tiergarten in Berlin. It was immediately noticed by Soviets. It was  “abuse to the Soviet Union” to fix a flag without permission of  “Red Army authorities” and even before Red Army fixed red flag. So Polish soldiers were arrested and avoided being shoot only because German capitulation announcementt.

Read more about Polish Army involvement in Berlin siege  and flag affair in Polish Army in Berlin page.

Units of Polish 1st Army are listed in Battle Order of the 1st Polish Army 1945 page

photo ADM via Foreign ministry license