Diorama accessories from Miniart and Masterbox

Miniart from Ukraine has released a n iteresting diorama accessories sets.

Also Masterbox from Ukraine offer nice figures for German countryside 1945 dioramas.

Men in Suit (Jewish) and boy with peaked cap (Polish) are not recommended for dioramas because of  being subject of Genocide, repression or slave work. Both would be specially marked as “Untermensch” (“less than humans”), with blue star of David or “P” character in red triangle worn in visible place.

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German civilians from MiniArt

Miniart from Ukraine has announced German 1:35 scale plastic civilian figure set. There are five figures in “street walk” poses. This   kit  contains 46  parts.  Box contains  model  of  five figures. One policeman (two heads, two hand). Man and woman walking, Old lady confused and one Hitler Jugend. All figures are a very good for background of diorama early war German vehicles traffic.  Old lady would look great on diorama being lost in the middle of  Soviet, US or Polish troops in 1945.

Photos of assembled parts shows good quality, but not that excellent poses as in boxart.  In my opinion the weakest one is policeman. Woman is much older than on boxart. Figures (except those wearing uniform) are suitable to any Western/Central Europe setting.

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