Polish flags over Berlin

Today is Polish National Flag Day. It was 2nd May 1945 when Soviet and Polish Troops  entered Tiergaten and Brandenburg Gate area in Berlin, battle was over.  Polish flags were hoisted on the Siegeshaule (Prussian victory column) and on the Brandenburg Gate. Read more in Polish Army in Berlin article.

Today and tommorow (2nd-3rd May, Polish Time)

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Victory in Europe Day

Just before midnight 8th/9th May 1945 Germany surrendered. For Polish soldiers in Berlin it was a bitter victory. Half of the country was incorporated to USSR and Poles were deported to West. First of two agressors that invaded Poland in September 1939 was destroyed, but country was left under Soviet occupation for next 45 years.
You can read more about bitter history of Poland in short story about genocide on Polish Nation by Germans and Soviets: Katyn Massacre – symbol of genocide.
Photos of Berlin after fight are posted in our two galeries: After the Battle – Germans and After the Battle – Allies

1st Polish Army enters Berlin

On 30th April 1945 1st Polish Infantry Division started operation in Berlin’s Center North to Tiergarten, North East to the Brandenburger Gate. Its operation will be soon described in our website. At now I just mention about artillery, mortar and sapper units that were supporting Soviets days before.

Adalbertus announces new figure 120mm sculpted by Jeff Meckley that will be released in May. See picture  at right. More information you find in Adalbertus Website: 12005 Polish Soldier Berlin 1945.

In decal you find collar pennants for infantry, artillery and sapper units. Note Grunwald cross on chest. Figure will be released with two head, one with field cap and one with helmet.

Photos of uniform and equipment you find on Polish TGRH forum: 1AWP (pl)