Adalbertus internet shop 5th anniversary

It is 5th Anniversary of Internet Shop. It has started on 23rd June 2006!!!

We have prepared special offer for all buyers, 18% discount on all products in shop! It is valid untill midnight 22nd June Polish time.

For 18% Anniversary discount – please use  coupon codeAdalbertus – in the basket.

Modell Fan Modell des Jahres 2011

120mm figure of Polish Soldier in Berlin from Adalbertus was awarded prestigous award by leading German Modell Fan magazine.

Modell des Jahres (Model of the Year) is the highest world’s award for model kit manufacturer. Adalbertus is the first Polish company awarded for figure kit.

Full list of awarded products you find there

Lifecolor Red Army tank color set announced!

Lifecolor announced today late October release of new color set CS23 Soviet WWII Army.
UA237 FS*34102 Dark Olive
UA238 FS*34096 Dark Olive Var.
UA239 FS*34257 4BO Var.
UA210 FS*34259 4BG Light Khaki
UA241 FS*30117 6K 6RP
UA242 FS*23578 7K Green Yellow

Adalbertus internet shop takes preorders with 15 % discount today and 10% in next days.

Buy CS23 Soviet WWII Army in Adalbertus model shop

Adalbertus 120 mmm Polish soldier in Berlin 1945

Adalbertus has released yesterday 120mm figure of Polish soldier in Berlin 1945. Set contains resin parts including two head (with helmet or with Polish field cap “rogatywka”). Extra are included: photoetched fret with insignia, medal and sling fitting, decal with insignia and self adhesive plastic tabs to be placed on figure base. Detailed color instruction is included.

Decals includes: medal ribbon, rank insignia, two eagle for helmet and collar pennants for Infanty (1st Infantry Division), Artillery (2nd Howitzer Brigade) and Bridge Engineers  (6 th Warsaw Independent Bridge Engineers Battalion). Read about Polish units in Berlin.

Figure boxart I have painted myself. Detailed step-by-step for this website would be published soon.

1st Polish Army enters Berlin

On 30th April 1945 1st Polish Infantry Division started operation in Berlin’s Center North to Tiergarten, North East to the Brandenburger Gate. Its operation will be soon described in our website. At now I just mention about artillery, mortar and sapper units that were supporting Soviets days before.

Adalbertus announces new figure 120mm sculpted by Jeff Meckley that will be released in May. See picture  at right. More information you find in Adalbertus Website: 12005 Polish Soldier Berlin 1945.

In decal you find collar pennants for infantry, artillery and sapper units. Note Grunwald cross on chest. Figure will be released with two head, one with field cap and one with helmet.

Photos of uniform and equipment you find on Polish TGRH forum: 1AWP (pl)