Ragnarok by Per Olav Lund

Gallery of photos of impressive diorama made by Per Olav Lund from Norway. It represents mood of city under siege very well. You can see thread about building this diorama in Migproductions forum. Autor used Adalbertus figure set 35004 Mother and Daughter, Civilian set 1. Thank you Per Olav for kindly submitting phots.

See more civilian figure sets in our 1:35 scale models page.

Photos of Berlin civilian life and destroyed city trains you find in our City Life 1945 gallery.

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One thought on “Ragnarok by Per Olav Lund

  1. Dear Sir;

    first of all : an amazing diorama ; a real word of art !

    is see that you used a Steyr 1500 omnibus … a question : What an interior is there in that vehicle? Is there place for stretchers and first aid furniture?
    (I work now also to this vehicle and wonder how it looks inside …)
    kind regards and greetings from Belgium


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