Scale models 1:35

Berlin siege is a great modelling subject.  Weapons , rubbles and some exotic units – all is very inspiring to modeller. This section shows some of less known models about Berlin downfall 1945.

1st Polish Army figures

The only company manufacturing figures of 1AWP (1 Armia Wojska Polskiego) in 1:35 scale is ToRo Model from Poland. Series includes Lenino 1943, Kolberg 1945 and Berlin 1945 battles figures. All may be used in Berlin dioramas.

Polish military cap “rogatywka” heads would convert your Soviet infantry into Polish soldiers. 1st and 2nd Army has a great shortages in uniform and equipment. Mix of Polish, Soviet and German uniform/equipment were used. Even British battle dress was worn in some cases.

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Civilians and Refugees

There are so many figures from many companies on the market. Below you find some from Adalbertus and ToRo Model:

Miniart diorama accessories sets

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German casualties and POWs

Adalbertus Fallschirmjaeger medic and wounded sets. They are from Monte Cassino series, but are also suitable to Berlin battle. Extra bonus of insignia decals for about platoon of figures is included each box.

New World Miniatures surrendering Jagdpanzer crew.

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