Battle Order of the 1st Polish Army 1945

The command

The commanding staff

Political and educational unit

Artillery command

Armoured  and mechanized units command

Sapper units command

Staff department

Chemical service unit

Intelligence unit

Army prosecutors unit

Court justice

Court martial

Fighting units


The 1st Warsaw infantry division “T. Kościuszko” fought in Berlin 30 th April-2nd May

The 2nd Warsaw infantry division “J. H. Dabrowski”

The 3rd Pomeranian infantry division “R. Traugutt”

The 4th Pomeranian infantry division “J. Kiliński”

The 5th Pomeranian infantry division


1st Polish Armoured Brigade “Heroes of Westerplatte” left in Gdansk (Danzig), not participated in Berlin Operation

4th The Pomeranian Regiment of J. S. Tanks (VM)

13th Warsaw Regiment of Self Propelled artillery SU-85

7th Independent Self Propelled Artillery SU-76


The 1st independent Warsaw cavalry brigade


The 1st “J. Bem? Warsaw artillery Brigade

2nd Pomeranian Howitzer art. Bde. fought in Berlin

3rd Warsaw Howitzer art. Bde.

5th Pomeranian Heavy art. Bde.

1st Pomeranian Mortar Regiment

5th independent survey reconnaissance artillery unit

1st Inependent Mortar Brigade - Polish Army High Command reserve unit attached to Soviet 47th Army in March-May 1945, fought in Berlin since 24th April

Anti  tank artillery

4th anti tank artillery B de.

Anti aircraft units

1st anti aircraft artillery division

1st independent antiaircraft artillery unit

11th independent antiaircraft detection unit

Support units

Chemical units

1st independent antichemical battalion

2nd Pomeranian flame throwers battalion

The engineers and sappers units

1st Warsaw sapper brigade

2nd Warsaw motorized engineers battalion

6th Independent ponton-bridging engineers battalion supported 2nd Tank Army of 1st Byelorussian Front in Berlin

Communication units

1st Independent communication regiment

2nd Independent communication battalion

5th Independent telegraph and building company

6th Independent telegraph and building company

7th Independent telegraph and building company

9th Independent telegraph and building company

11th Independent cable and pole company

103rd Independent communication squadron

Motorized units

The 1st Kołobrzeg  vehicle battalion

2nd Kołobrzeg  vehicle battalion

Road constructing units

2nd independent road building battalion

3rd Warsaw bridge building battalion

1st independent road maintenance battalion

Personal numbers (data)

Officers 11175/8162

Won-commissioned officers /N.C.O./ 24560/18324

Privates 59329/46724

Officers cadets 800/809

Total 95864/74019

Rifles 46459/37698

Automatic pistols  19502/15400

Pistols  1706

Heavy machineguns 482

Big caliber M.G. 59

Anti tank guns 1023


Tanks 22

  • Heavy 14
  • Medium 6
  • Light 2

Self propelled guns 90

  • Heavy 14
  • Medium 76

Armoured cars 30

Vehicles 3274

  • Light 242
  • Heavy 2682
  • For special purposes 350

Other means of transport

Tractors 228

Haulers 318

Motorcycles 148

Horses 10793


Howitzers and guns

  • 152mm  36
  • 122mm  213
  • 76mm  211
  • 45mm  134


  • 120mm  150
  • 82mm  366

Anti aircraft guns

  • 76mm  20
  • 57mm  63
  • 37mm  85

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