Polish Army order No 51 about German Civilians

The 22nd of March 1945 (Włochy near Warsaw)

Order No 51 of the Commander in Chief concerning the treatment of German civilians.

Germans started the war and carry it on violating the international law and all the agreements in an unprecedented criminal way. They have murdered hundreds of thousand of innocent civilians on the occupied territory of Poland the have ill treated everybody and caused irreparable losses as far as nation and its historical, cultural and material damage are concerned. They tried to exterminate our nation systematically.
The German army, NAZI party and civilian administration are not the only culprits which perform all the crimes  but also the German nation that backed the state policy completely for its benefit. It is clear that the whole German nation has to suffer the punishment and feel its defeat bitterly in order to stop the war which should brand its memory deeply with the tearful recollection.
Germans who will not get killed with the blows of the allied armies will face the longtime of rebuilding of our town and villages. The war criminals will be tried and executed. The hatred and revenge so well based should be used to destroy the German army and inflict it the well deserved punishment.
The Polish soldier is obliged to show the attitude full of dignity and vigilance to German civilians in their defeated country. Being aware of the relentless enemy the Polish soldiers must not fraternize with German population, accept any invitations to visit homes and take any treat. The Polish soldier is supposed to take care of observing the social order rules and follow all the orders of high command.
The Polish soldier has to remember that German civilians will be prosecuted legally for their war crimes by the authorized organs and all the crimes will be punished accordingly. Any lynch law and ill treatment of German civilians are strictly forbidden. The Polish soldier being conscious of his dignity and honour does not attack defenseless and helpless civilians he will not bring shame upon himself with marauding and plundering. Any lawless acts would not serve our state interest and on the contrary they would be harmful to discipline regulations and order of the army. Such acts would badly affect the moral view of our army. The penal code of the Polish army will severely.
Punish everybody for any crimes during the war, against civilians and property  including the court marshal and capital punishment.
Following the above it is ordered:

1. To carry out the political and educational action by the officers to handle the subject of this order particularly to prevent the lynch law and violent acts against German civilians.
2. To warn the staff about punishment in case of ill treating the civilians and any acts of violence used
3. The culprits should be sent to court marshal to be tried for their deeds
4. All the early orders concerning the very subject should be annulled

Signed by:

The High Commander of Polish Army
M. Żymierski, gen. of the army

The Polish Army  Deputy Commander
(Political and educational subjects)
M. Spychalski, brigadier gen.

The Chief of Staff
W. Korczyc, gen. of division.

Kindly translated from Polish by Ryszard Kwiatkowski

Original Polish text in TGRH website

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