CS26 Guns & Weapon a new Lifecolor diorama color Set

CS26 Guns & Weapon – Color Set to paint light weapons and metallic parts. Contains two wooden shades, three base colors for metallic surfaces and one special bottle of “Reflecting Agent” Mix Over a palette your selected base color with a small percentage of “Reflecting Agent” and apply the mixture with a brush or with a spray gun. Polish with a stiff brush when dry.

UA725 Gun Blue Reflection
UA726 Gun Red Reflection
UA726 Gun Grey Reflection
PG110 Reflecting Agent
UA728 Light Wooden Stock
UA729 Dark Wooden Stock

Adalbertus Internet Shop is taking preorders, set will be released in mid July.
Everybody who buys before release gets metalizer polishing brushes set free.
Buy before the end June with 5% discount

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