120mm mortar in walkaround gallery

A new walkaround was added to the Weapons Section120mm Soviet regimental mortar M1938.

The Soviet 120 mm was the first modern 120mm mortar developed by any country, entering production in 1939. The Red Army made significant use of its heavy caliber by treating it as an artillery piece in World War II.

In the Polish Army 120mm mortars were used in infantry division’s regimental mortar batteries (8 mortars ) and in 1st Independent Mortar Brigade (144 mortars) attached to the 47th Soviet Army in Berlin.

text: Wikipedia & Wojciech Bulhak

photos: Wojciech Bulhak

Lifecolor announces Axis Interior color set

Lifecolor paint setsLifecolor announced new color set for painting German and Italian tank interiors. Historical Research by Model Victoria & Daniele Guilielmi. Model and box picture by Miguel Jimenez.
UA231, RAL 3009 German Oxid Rot
UA232, RAL 1015 German Elfenbein
UA233, RAL 7009 German Graugruen
UA234, RAL 5012 German Lichtblau
UA235, RAL 2001 Italian Rosso Minio
UA236, Italian Blanco Avori

Set will be available in June. Adalbertus internet shop offers a good preorder discount untill 27th May.  Buy Axis Interiors in Adalbertus now. We have also added special page with Lifecolor paint sets selection useful for Battle of Berlin  modelling.

IS-2 walkaround update

We have added more photos to IS-2 walkaround. It is exhibited in Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. It is an early version with stepped front hull. According to description provided by museum it was used in 4th Heavy Tank Regiment during Berlin Operation. Unit used mostly IS-2M tanks according to photos available. Photos by Wojciech Bulhak

In Poland is also another one IS-2 tank but it is IS-2M. It is exhibited in Polish Army Tank Museum in Poznan. Both Warsaw’s and Poznan’s Museums tanks walkaround photos are included in RossaGraph book “IS2/IS-2M Model Detail Photo Monograph No6″.

Victory in Europe Day

Just before midnight 8th/9th May 1945 Germany surrendered. For Polish soldiers in Berlin it was a bitter victory. Half of the country was incorporated to USSR and Poles were deported to West. First of two agressors that invaded Poland in September 1939 was destroyed, but country was left under Soviet occupation for next 45 years.
You can read more about bitter history of Poland in short story about genocide on Polish Nation by Germans and Soviets: Katyn Massacre – symbol of genocide.
Photos of Berlin after fight are posted in our two galeries: After the Battle – Germans and After the Battle – Allies

Polish 4th Heavy Tank Rgt 1:35 IS-2M model

4th Heavy Tank Regiment was the only tank unit of 1st Polish Army involved in Berlin Campaign. The Army’s role in final battle was to secure right flank of 1st Byelorussian Front, North to the city. Unsuccessful Steiner’s counter attack was to be opposed by this Army. Some Army units were involved in final fights in Berlin’s center.

Mike Rinaldi kindly supllied us with extensive Step-by-Step article on Polish IS-2M model It is a conversion of Dragon 1:35 IS-2 to IS-2M . You can build this version  easily using latest IS-2M kit from Tamiya at now.

IS-2 (not “M”) museum photos you can see in IS-2 walkaround. Another interesting article Winter ISU-122 by Mike Rinaldi on (Tamiya ISU-152 converted) in Polish laguage with excellent photos is published on Lifecolor.pl website.

Walkaround section update

Today two walkarounds were added to www.Berlin-1945.com website. Both tanks are exhibited in Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. First is Su-76M self-propelled gun. It was standard equipment in antitank units in Polish infantry divisions as well as inmany Soviet units.  Second is blown up Hetzer 7,5cm Panzerjeager. Photos by Wojciech Bulhak


Polish flag in Berlin

Today in Poland is Holiday of National Flag. It was in morning of 2nd May 1945, when Polish soldiers have fixed white-red Polish flags in Siegeshaule victory colum in Tiergarten in Berlin. It was immediately noticed by Soviets. It was  “abuse to the Soviet Union” to fix a flag without permission of  “Red Army authorities” and even before Red Army fixed red flag. So Polish soldiers were arrested and avoided being shoot only because German capitulation announcementt.

Read more about Polish Army involvement in Berlin siege  and flag affair in Polish Army in Berlin page.

Units of Polish 1st Army are listed in Battle Order of the 1st Polish Army 1945 page

photo ADM via Foreign ministry license

Starting model gallery

Per Olav Lund from Norway send us photos of his diorama “Ragnarok”. It shows a civilians trying to survive siege of German town. More photos you find in our scale model gallery Raganrok paege.

See also “Ragnarok” building thread in Migproductions forum.

Civilians and destroyed trains in Berlin photos you find in our City Life 1945 gallery.