1st Polish Army enters Berlin

On 30th April 1945 1st Polish Infantry Division started operation in Berlin’s Center North to Tiergarten, North East to the Brandenburger Gate. Its operation will be soon described in our website. At now I just mention about artillery, mortar and sapper units that were supporting Soviets days before.

Adalbertus announces new figure 120mm sculpted by Jeff Meckley that will be released in May. See picture  at right. More information you find in Adalbertus Website: 12005 Polish Soldier Berlin 1945.

In decal you find collar pennants for infantry, artillery and sapper units. Note Grunwald cross on chest. Figure will be released with two head, one with field cap and one with helmet.

Photos of uniform and equipment you find on Polish TGRH forum: 1AWP (pl)


Today www.Berlin-1945.com website has started. Hard working through wordpress I managed it in one day and half!

Idea of this website is to help just modelers to find easily some basic informations. I hope that comments to its content would add more information. I am sure to learn much more from you!

Other reason to build this website is to promote information about 1st Polish Army fighting in Berlin and 2nd Polish Army on Bautzen-Dresden direction.

Last but not least factor behind www.Berlin-1945.com is to promote two Polish model figure companies: Adalbertus and Toro Model. Both are focused on Polish Army models.

What next?  In following weeks I will add more information about Polish Army and walkarounds of some soviet tanks and artillery. I hope visitors can help me with their model pictures and maybe articles about Berlin battle models.