Massacres In Volhynia, 11-16 July 1943

Athought it is not connected directly to Battle of Berlin we publish short note about the most brutal part of 2WW genocide on Polish Nation held by extremist Ukrainian Nationalists in prewar South Eastern Poland (Volhynia and then Galicia) what is todays Western Ukraine. 11th July 1943 started a great wave of ethnic cleansing of Polish Population in Volhynia. Bands of OUN-B Ukrainian Nationalists carefully chosen targets and prepared whole operation. They had experience and knowlege being involved as German support Police in Holocaust of Jews in 1942. 167 Polish villages were burned and peoples, mostly women, and children murdered with a great atrocity. It should be noted that a number of Ukrainians was also murdered by OUN-B for helping Poles. 1st Polish Corps including 1st Infantry division arrived to todays Poland travelling through those lands. Majority of them were former Gulag slave workers deported from Estern Poland after being invaded by Soviets in 1939. No they can see what happened to their villages.

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70 years ago in Lvov

On the morning of 4th July 1941, in German captured city Lvov, a number of Polish University professors were executed with their families. Lvov was a Polish city since XIV Century, and has a very good University. After German, and then Soviet invasion on Poland  in 1939 Lvov was included in Soviet occupation zone. Both invaders started elimination of Polish elite. Symbol of Soviet atrocities is the Katyn Massacre. Germans  organized their own AB-Action. In 1939-1940 both invaders coordinated elimination of Polish leaders.

“In direct continuation of the AB Action was a German campaign in the east started after the German invasion of the USSR. Among the most notable mass executions of Polish professors was the massacre of Lwów professors, in which approximately 45 professors of the university in Lwów were murdered together with their families and guests. Among those killed in the massacre were Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński, former Polish prime minister Kazimierz Bartel, Włodzimierz Stożek, and Stanisław Ruziewicz. Thousands more perished in the Ponary massacre by Lithuanians  in German Service, in German concentration camps, and in ghettos.”

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Diorama accessories from Miniart and Masterbox

Miniart from Ukraine has released a n iteresting diorama accessories sets.

Also Masterbox from Ukraine offer nice figures for German countryside 1945 dioramas.

Men in Suit (Jewish) and boy with peaked cap (Polish) are not recommended for dioramas because of  being subject of Genocide, repression or slave work. Both would be specially marked as “Untermensch” (“less than humans”), with blue star of David or “P” character in red triangle worn in visible place.

Polish flags over Berlin

Today is Polish National Flag Day. It was 2nd May 1945 when Soviet and Polish Troops  entered Tiergaten and Brandenburg Gate area in Berlin, battle was over.  Polish flags were hoisted on the Siegeshaule (Prussian victory column) and on the Brandenburg Gate. Read more in Polish Army in Berlin article.

Today and tommorow (2nd-3rd May, Polish Time)

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Sd.Kfz 251/22 Pakwagen – 1:48 scale!

Michael  Rinaldi kindly supplied us with step by step photos with some notes on assembly of his award winning 1:48 Pakwagen from Eastern Front in spring 1945. Painting is based on original color photograph.

Mike used Tamiya 1:48 scale kit and Gasoline Pakwagen conversion. Model was awarded Gold Medal in Euromilitaire 2010.  It was first gold ever for 1:48 scale kit in Euromilitaire!!!

See more photos on 1/48 Tamiya Sd.Kfz 251 half-track in our Model Gallery

T-34 in Polish Army – decals 1:48

ToRo Model released decals for Polish Army in the East T-34 Tanks. It should be noted, that a very few T-34s were used in 4th Heavy Tank Rgt as replacements for destroyed IS-2s during Berlin Operation. They came from 1st Tank Brigade. No Polish tank entered Berlin, see more in 1st Polish Army Battle Order 1945 and in Polish Army in Berlin articles.

Decal sheet contain markings for T-34 76mm and 85mm tanks, including many of the 1st Tank Corps from the 2nd Polish Army fighting in Dresden and Prague in April/May 1945.

Decals are suitable fot 1:48 Tamiya and Hobby Boss kits.

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A – T-34/76 mod.1941 2nd tank battalion, 1st Tank Brigade, Zabin, February 1945

B – T-34/76 mod.1941 1st tank regiment, 1st Tank Brigade, Smolensk area, March 1944

C – T-34/76 mod.1943 3rd tank battalion, 1st Tank Brigade, Zabin, February 1945

D – T-34/76 mod.1943 2nd tank regiment, 1st Tank Brigade, Studzianki, August 1944

E – T-34/85 mod.1944 4th tank brigade, 1st Armoured Corps, Germany, April 1945

F – T-34/85 mod.1944 2nd motorcycle battalion, 1st Armoured Corps, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

G – T-34/85 mod.1944 2nd motorcycle battalion, 1st Armoured Corps, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

H – T-34/85 mod.1944 1st Tank Brigade, Zlotow, February 1945

I – T-34/85 mod.1944 3rd tank brigade, 1st Armoured Corps, Germany, April 1945

Atak Model Waffen SS figures 1:35 scale

Atak Model has released three 1:35 scale figure sets of Waffen SS Grenadiers, Hungary 1945.  They are suitable to any Kolberg/Oder river setting in early 1945. Figures are sold separately or as two figure set. Sculptor is a well known Polish modeler Radek Pituch. Painter is Atak Model owner Waldek Okrzeja

Radek Pituch blog

Berlin 1945 1:35 scale figures

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